2009【Summer Wars】

Summer Wars


A time in the near future… People now depend on the computer-simulated virtual reality world of "OZ" for many aspects of their livelihood, from shopping to playing games, communication means, and administrative procedures.


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  • 場面写真
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Director/Original Story : Mamoru Hosoda
Screenplay : Satoko Okudera
Character Designer : Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
Animation Director : Hiroyuki Aoyama
Art Director : Yoji Takeshige
CG Director : Ryo Horibe
Color Coordinator : Chikako Kamata


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2009 Locarno Film Festival
2009 Sitges Film Festival
2009 Dubai International Film Festival
2010 Berlin International Film Festival
2010 New York International Children's Film Festival
2010 Sydney Film Festival
2010 Annecy International Animation Film Festival
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