2012【Wolf Children】

Wolf Children


Hana, a student attending a college on the outskirts of Tokyo, falls in love with a "wolf man" who has the blood of wolves in his veins. They move in together, and soon Hana gives birth to two “wolf children” who are half-wolf half-human. They name the older child, a girl born on a snowy day, Yuki ("snow"), and the second child, a boy born on a rainy day, Ame ("rain").


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Director/Screenplay/Original Story : Mamoru Hosoda
Screenplay : Satoko Okudera
Character Designer : Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
Animation Director : Takaaki Yamashita
Art : Hiroshi Ohno
CG Director : Ryo Horibe
Color Coordinator : Osamu Mikasa


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2012 Sitges Film Festival
2012 BFI London Film Festival
2012 Dubai International Film Festival
2013 New York International Children's Film Festival
2013 Stockholm International Film Festival
2013 Seattle International Film Festival
2013 Zagreb World Festival of Animated Film
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